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Here you can see my most important instrument selection.

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If you ever heard of me, you maybe identify this instrument with myself...

I play mainly on the alto saxophone, but sometimes I play on the tenor too!

Selmer Paris Reference 54

Was für ein Saxophon! The Reference 54 simulates an old saxophone manufactured by the same company in 1954. The saxophones of this time were the best and are therefore still often reproduced today.

Keilwerth SX 90R Vintage

The Keilwerth SX 90R Vintage is a great saxophone from theGerman manufacturer Julius Keilwerth. It has a great sound and plays great, but I would like to have a tenor sax from Selmer Peris.

other Instruments

In my free time I like to play other instruments, especially drums.

Here is a selection of my favorite instruments!


Allthough not the newest, but still a wonderful stage piano. The grand piano sounds are just wonderful and the wooden keyboard makes playing really fun!

NORD Lead 4

You just have to say that you have a "NORD" instrument and every musician knows that you don't want to compromise on sound. The Swedish manufacturer is producing the best synthesizers and stage pianos

in the world.

TAMA Superstar

This drumset is one of the Tama Superstar series. This drum may not be the best in the world but it is

enough for me.

VST Instruments

For the production of Just Be You I used VST (virtual) Instruments with the exception of saxophone, vocals, and some guitars. 

Currently I am saving for a corresponding mixer, which would be up to the task. My favourite VST instrument is the following bundle.

NI KOMPLETE ULTIMATE (Collector's Edition)

A strong powerful bundle of VST instruments and effects.

The variety of sound is incredible. More than 90.000 sounds.


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