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On this page I tell you about the microphones that I use.

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A few years ago, I started recording voice and instruments. At that time, I had no

Idea how to edit the recorded audio. While on a limited budget, I started with simple microphones with little knowlege of the different types of microphones available, how expensive they could be, or which ones are preferred for production.

During my time in Gr√∂ninger Bad in Magdeburg, I gained the knowledge 

and beacame more experienced working with microphones.

SInce then I have expanded my home studio and have now been able to launch my first CD. My first "real" mic for vocal recording was the RODE NT1 kit. This is a really recommendable large diaphragm microphone. For a year and half I have used it to record my cover versions with a high audio standard. Under the text, you will find two videos in which I used this microphone for vocal and saxophone recording! It is really a top quality microphone for beginners.


This AKG microphone is the newest microphone in my studio. It is great for recording saxophone, backing vocals, and other instruments.


This is THE MICROPHONE of my collection. The legendary U87 from the Neumann company is unique for recording my voice/vocals.

I don't use this microphone for saxophone recording. For its excellent high and low frequency quality, I use this for all my vocal recordings on the Just Be You Album.

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