All information about my Saxophones


I own two saxophones, a Selmer Reference 54 Alto and Reference 36 Tenor.

Mainly, I play on the Reference 54. However, both saxophones are professional instruments and you can hear and feel that, especially when you play them yourself. The saxophones sounds this way because they have appropriate mouthpieces and reeds. I had to search for a long time until I found the best accessories for the saxophones.


Before someone tempts you to buy a specific mouthpiece, try it yourself while at a saxophone shop! - because everyone is different!

Now more about my mouthpieces:
I use an SR Technologies Alto Professional mouthpiece for the alto saxophone. This has a crisp sound and is therefore particularly convincing in the genres of rock and pop. On the tenor, I play a Berg Larsen Gold Series Saxophone Mouthpiece handcrafted out of stainless bronze and a Vandoren V16 Metal Mouthpiece. It also has a great sound and gets everything out of the sax!


The secret behind every saxophonist are the reeds. Unlike other components of the saxophone, they determine the volume and timbre of the instrument. From my own experience I find that alto saxophone reeds are usually not convincing in terms of sound, which is why I use tenor reeds for both saxophones. My  reeds are from Vandoren Paris and the Java "Filed - Red cut" series. With these reeds, everything really sounds great and I don't need 10 tries before I find a good one.


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